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sorry but children younger than her in the middle east get blown up by drones purely because of their proximity to suspected terrorists, i don’t really care about a dutch teenager getting arrested for sending a “joke” threatening tweet to an airline while claiming to be a member of al qaeda because she thought her obvious positions of privilege would protect her from any and all consequences


Yes, just yes!

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Disclosure | Latch (feat. Sam Smith)

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The selfie queen aka Keke Palmer

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crop top movement part II

i did it better
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crop top movement part II

i did it better

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  • Me on my wedding day: you still like me right
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Since Saturday, I’ve been in a state of shock because I found out that I made Senior 25 at my college. 

What does that mean? This is what it means: 

"Each year, [my college] honors the Senior 25 – twenty-five senior year students who have, as leaders among their peers, positively contributed to the quality of life in the [college] community through their service, commitment, and achievements."

Reading this on paper or on a screen does not accurately describe what this means on my campus. It’s like winning Miss America or something (what a corny comparison) because it’s something that I’ve wanted literally since the first week of my freshman year. People work so hard in their classes, clubs, and organizations in hopes of receiving this exclusive honor. It’s kinda twisted in a way, but it’s very real.

It’s also a big deal to me because I think it’s the first REAL thing in my life that I wanted so bad and it actually like…happened. 

But there is that one annoying part of my psyche that keeps telling me that I didn’t deserve it. When I posted my “I made Senior 25” status on Facebook and told my family, everyone kept saying “Congrats! You deserve it!”

Did I?

I’m so annoyed by the fact that I’m questioning if I deserved it or not. I mean I obviously did, right? I mean they picked for a reason, I guess. I don’t want to diminish my accomplishments by saying they just selected me because my application was well written, but when I think about past members of Senior 25…I really don’t know if I compare.

I wish that insecure part of me would just shut up. It’s really sad because in my Senior 25 application I talked about how being surrounded by so many amazing people inspired me to move out of my comfort zone, be confident in myself and be great. Although this wasn’t a lie, there are still moments where I don’t fully buy into my own “greatness.” I am well aware of my accomplishments, but I have this weird thing where I always compare myself to others…which is where I usually fuck up in general. 

I just want to get to that point of my life where I don’t feel the need to prove myself to anyone or defend why I deserve good things. I mean, the people who get 25 are literally the best of the best of my college. So the fact that the committee believed in me enough to ACTUALLY select me is saying a lot to me right now… 

Regardless, I am overjoyed that this happened and I’m probably gonna bask in it forever. :)

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Game Boy Advance | Startup Screen

I feel like this Is the sound of my childhood

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